Sunday, March 15, 2015

More thoughts on yarn clubs...and living in the mountains

Back in July 2012 David and I went to Switzerland for a week.  It was heavenly and beautiful and wonderful.  I wish I'd been lighter and in better shape because I think I would have enjoyed it that much more.  But there's always a next time.

When we were at the bar one night I asked the hotel manager/bar tender/chef/overall nice guy if he ever become immune to the beauty and grandeur of the landscape.  Did he see the mountains with fresh eyes everyday and was he as overwhelmed with the beauty as he was upon first seeing it?

In other words...Is it possible to "get used to" such amazing scenery?

I'd never lived in a landscape I would have called "overwhelmingly beautiful" before.  Kentucky was pretty...definitely green and aestetic, but not grand and not, in my opinion, overwhelmingly beautiful (I'm not knocking Kentucky, but it certainly isn't Switzerland if you catch my meaning...).  The flat rolling plains of Texas where I grew up are familiar and comforting and contain their own beauty, but definitely not something that I'd consider overwhelmingly beautiful.

And to be honest, while there were so many trees in Mississippi that that had to be beautiful, I didn't find it so.  I couldn't SEE beyond where I was standing.  And for me to feel beauty in a landscape I need to see far.

I love the beach for this reason.  You can see the edge of the world at the beach.  It's freeing and opens the mind and soul and makes me feel peaceful and calm.

So, I didn't know how I was going to feel about moving to the mountains.  I thought they were stunning upon my first arriving here.  I loved the different shades of brown and green and loved that everywhere I looked there was a different mountain with a different type of vegetation on it, or a different shading of the sun, or clouds, or whatever.  I feel I'm not a safe driver because I'm so busy looking around at the splendor around me.

I've been here almost 7 months and I still find this landscape overwhelmingly beautiful.  It's gorgeous here.  And while I worried about the mountains making me feel a little hemmed in (like I did all those pine trees in Mississippi), I feel protected and safe with those mountains all around me.

My answer to whether you get "used to" living in an overwhelmingly beautiful landscape is never.  Everyday the mountains are different, or the clouds are different, or the sky is different.  Something makes the view change, just slightly, so that you see it anew again and again are overwhelmed at the majesty of the surroundings.


One of the "yarn clubs" that I'm participating in is what I'm calling the "Just at Jimmy's" club.  If I like any of the Microbrews we carry I'm buying a skein, or if I like the Onesies I'll buy a skein...these go into my pile of yarn club yarns to knit up this year (and into next I'm sure but I'm not going to fret about how long it takes).

When I was going through the boxes of Tosh Sock, I saw these beauties and put my name on them, in pen, so that when they were entered into the system they could go home with me.  That's commitment.  Love at first sight...and now I just have to figure out what I'm going to make with them! :)

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  1. I think some of us are blessed to see the beauty in the sameness over and over again in our country's majesty. To notice small changes is a wonderful thing. Today I noticed some shoots of daffodils trying to get through the soil.....hooray for spring. I wish I had more of a VIEW of sunsets and sunrises and woods. Its too congested in our area...