Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Happy Thoughts

Well, I've been in Backorders/Receiving for 3 weeks now and I thoroughly love it.  I can't remember ever being so excited about going to work and thrilled while I'm there.

And I love, even more, when I walk into work and people say "ooh, what are YOU wearing today?" and they come give me the "knitter's handshake" by touching and giving me compliments about my new shawl...

I mean, seriously!  I've stumbled into not only satisfying work but also awesome colleagues.  Life is indeed happy.

Pattern is Penance and Pennants for the 2014 Dragonfly Club.  Yarn is Stone Circle in Traveler.  My thoughts?  Pattern was "eh."    Lovely end result, but several errors which made it frustrating.  I'm a smart knitter, but also a lazy one.  I don't want to have to "think" about what I should be doing instead of what the pattern is telling me to do.  Tech editing is so important to a good pattern.

The yarn, though?  OH MY.  Traveler felt a tad scratchy at first, but when it got in its bath it became the happiest creature in the world.  It loosened up, relaxed and told me just how happy it was to be knitted up into the pattern that it was knitted up into.  I barely had to do anything for blocking because it just "was"...The dye work by Dragonfly is some of the best out there.  The yarn is gorgeous in the skein, in the cake, knitted up AND crocheted (I'm crocheting a scrap afghan with my yarn club leftovers).

Oh, and that button at my throat?  It's vintage, from my Grandma's button box.

Happy thoughts indeed!

(and in case you're wondering I entered AND processed 21 invoices today...that's a TON...and it's SO MUCH FUN!)

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  1. you and your knit look fabulous!!!!! I love that you live the dream in the yarn shop warehouse!