Friday, August 22, 2014

Texas. New Mexico

Today I travelled to Albuquerque. No Valium for the kitties and they did much better.  I'd look over and see pearl looking out the window or at me and she was perfectly content.  Zora wanted out a couple of times, but she was good.

I really think I have the best kitties.

A couple of realizations:

We live in a beautiful country and folks need to get out and drive and see it.

This doing stuff for me is pretty empowering.

Seeing big blue sky has helped peel away some of the hard edges on my heart.  At first I was kind of scared it would be too emotional, but so far it feels good...freeing...dare I say happy?


  1. You should dare to say happy! I believe when we doing things for ourselves it is the ultimate gift.
    I agree we all need to get back to the days of driving and traveling through our beautiful landscapes.