Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I can finally say that everything I shipped is in my apartment.  Of course everything that I brought in my car is here too.  I've lugged every single box up the stairs myself.  And I'm proud that I've done so...this move has been all about me!

For furniture I have a chair, a TV dinner tray, a tv console and a bookshelf (still to be built). I'm sleeping on an air mattress but the real bed and mattress should be delivered sometime next week.  I bought a dresser that will also be delivered next week.  The rest I will get as I can afford it or "make do" with cheap options until I can afford it.

It all feels very good, and all mine, and positive...and I can't wait to start working...because....yarn...all day!

Today's pic is from the road...some hotel can see the kitties chilled out