Monday, August 11, 2014

Quilt Bee 2014

So many things about the quilt bee are wonderful...this year it was the healing properties of family love.  There were 4 of us who, lost our husbands this year--3 through death and 1 through divorce.  We could have been sad and morose but instead we were happy, filled with memories, and supported each other through our trials.

I got so many "you can do this" and "were so happy for you" and "all your weight loss has prepared you for this" and "you look so good" and "this is such a perfect job for you" and anything else that people who love you say when they think you're doing something awesome and they believe in's enough to make a girl feel better and be able to eat for the first time in four weeks, and sleep, and feel excitement and not just sadness.

A photo montage to let you know just how much fun we have.  This is me and mom getting ready to go.

Here we are at dinner taking a group selfie and a fun photo with a fountain head photo bombing us:

And here is a quilt we made from a photo of my grandmas house that was cut into 12 pieces. Each person was to make one square. Betty will put it together.

And here we are actually quilting on the quilt which we named Ziggity Doo Dah. It's for Elizabeth even though she couldn't attend..

And this quilt was a challenge quilt that we out the blocks together in 2012.  Betty won this one much to my chagrin.

And finally...we got really close to finishing.  That's me with Emma the quilt's maker.


  1. looks like a super fun and creative time with friends and family! lovely!

  2. I Just love the house quilt SOOO much. i want one for my home