Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I got this...

I woke up and checked my e-mail first thing this morning and had such a wonderful, sweet pep talk from my friend, Stacey.  Thanks Stacey.  You don't know how badly I needed it just then.

The theme of her e-mail was that I'm going to do great and if I don't, so what?  It's just me and the kitties and I pick up and move again and get myself to another place that might work out.

So, I know I've got this.  It's in the bag (or boxes depending on how you look at it!).  I'll be fine, I'll be happy and I'll be doing this for ME.

But, you know what?  I think it's going to work out and it's going to be positive and it's going to be wonderful.  I am in charge of my attitude, after all, and I can let negative thoughts overwhelm me or I can put them aside for more positive thoughts and do what I need to do to get settled into my new job and community.

And I will do that because I'm strong, and even though each little thing I have to do before I start this new job feels huge, I will just be that much stronger when I'm done and finished with it.  I'll reach deep, draw on the beauty that's within me and make it happen because I can.

Because...when I decided to jump off that platform and see what I could do in the textile industry...this job, this move...this was it...this is what I wanted but couldn't have because I was tied to Mississippi...and now that I'm not...well...who knows what I'm capable of.

Imperfect Beauty is complete.  I've created art and I'm so proud of it.  It is for sale, so if you're interested e-mail me a lesliestbutler at gmail dot com and we'll talk price.  Eventually I'm going to open up an Etsy shop, but I've got to get moved first.

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