Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Where even the floors are pretty!

Today we went to the Victoria and Albert Museum and looked at the exhibits on the first floor. I will be going back on Sunday to view the wedding dresses and the history of Italian fashion exhibits...

There are 6 floors to this museum, btw.  It's massive and wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed the cast room and was very inspired by the South Asia art (mostly Indian).

We rested and then went to dinner at the wine bar restaurant down the street. We played our annual monopoly game (London Underground version)...I lost...that never happens.  No jewelry this year as David feels it's more fitting to buy me a smaller loom...so when I get home, I'm ordering some 24" loom! which is super exciting.

There were so many pics to share from today.  I'm holding back and showing you just a couple. 

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  1. Very cool. I went to a bridal exhibit at a local textile museum a few years ago, it was fascinating. Looks like you had a nice day!