Tuesday, June 17, 2014

London Calling!

So, back in December 2012, I got on an airplane and flew to London and stayed a week.  We were going essentially to celebrate Alyssa's graduation from college, but we also celebrated our birthdays, Christmas and mine and David's anniversary while we were there (for the record, my birthday is around Thanksgiving and the girls are right after the new year...and everything else is sandwiched in between).

What an awesome trip that was.  Here's a picture to prove that we went and loved each other and had a good time.

It was cold when we went and dark.  We were there during the Winter Solstice that year and sunset was right about 4pm.  While I've experienced colder, and damper, we didn't spend lots of time doing things outside.

Oh, and I was 90 pounds heavier and David was 140 pounds heavier.  I haven't been on a plane since that trip and David assures me it's going to be a shocker.  I'm SO excited to be shocked...Because you know what?


This time we are celebrating 25 years since David and I decided to be a couple "forever and ever" (on July 4, 1989).

And you know what?  I'm so very very tired right now I'm having the hardest time getting myself geared up and excited about this trip.  I've made an itinerary (which I never do) to see if we can work in most of the things we want to do...I've been checking the weather every day (60s and sunny predicted for our first 5 days there!)...

...but mostly I've just been getting through the day I'm in (and to demonstrate just how much I'm just getting through the day I'm in, I haven't even THOUGHT ABOUT the knitting/crochet I'm taking on this trip.  NOT EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT IT!....And I'm having trouble mustering up the usual panic that that would elicit...)

I'm so ready to get on the plane, go on vacation, and leave this job and my other worries and cares behind and simply enjoy being in the company of the man that 25 years ago I was impressed enough with to want to spend the rest of my life with him...

And...this year we're going to be there over the Summer Solstice...sunset around 9:45pm...

What an awesome way to usher in the new life I'm setting up for myself.  I'm staying an extra 5 days than originally intended. David will be working with his students (research project for graduate students in his department) and I will be going to see and do something textile-y type things that I know he isn't much interested in.


Daddy's Story:  Once when we were talking with my daddy about a vacation we wanted to go on, he said, "I don't know why you want to travel so much.  Aren't you happy with where you live?"  And when I told him I was, he said, "I just don't see any point in leaving home if you like it there."

That he was a homebody and only went on a couple of vacations in my memory of him shows me that he was indeed a very happy man with where he lived.

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