Monday, July 9, 2012


I'm taking a break from my regularly scheduled crafting blog entries to fill you in on the Swiss Vacation.

It was wonderful.
Perfect in every way.
Wonderful (I already said it but it bears repeating).

We had 0 travel issues.  No delayed flights, no train issues, no nothing.  I can't think of a time when I've traveled by air recently that there hasn't been SOMEthing, but nothing on this trip, and that's just wonderful.

Mostly we just sat in awe of this vista (picture taken from my bedroom window on the morning of July 4th).   We had an amazing day that day riding a train over into that mountain and seeing it up close and personal (it was still huge).

The area where we stayed is the Lauterbrunnen Valley in the Berner Oberland.  The largest city is Interlaken, and we stayed up in the town on Murren--a car-free village with spectacular views from every direction.  You can get to Murren only by train or cable car--from either station it's UP hill to our hotel.  We went on a few hikes, got soaked on one (and our camera broke!), and soaked in the wonder that was this charming and wonderful mountainous area.

And really, that's just about all we did, but it was enough.  There was plenty of down time, which I desperately needed.  I left all my worries and cares behind, laughed a lot, played some monopoly in German (that was a hoot), explored around the city of Zurich a little bit, knitted  a pair of socks, and just enjoyed very much being with my husband of 21.5 years.  I will definitely be going back someday!

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