Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Hands are Itching

...and not in the literal way.  My hands are itching to knit. It's like a deep muscle in my hands is saying "excuse me but I haven't been properly exercised this week and I'm starting to get antsy about it."

I'm not feeling crazy about it yet, but it's getting close.

It's weird, this physical need to do something creative.  I haven't really felt it before.  I have heard that athletes feel it in their muscles when they can't exercise, and I imagine this anxiety in my hands is directly related to the lack of knitting I've been able to do recently.

And it's weird because only a little over a year ago I couldn't knit, and it certainly hadn't permeated my way of thinking (or being) such that if I didn't get enough time to do it, I wouldn't have felt like my fingers needed to be creating loops of yarn and moving sticks and making stuff.

It's nice to know that something is calling for me.  It certainly makes my time at home productive and interesting.  I don't just sit and watch tv or wait for time to pass.  It's also nice being busy and not being bored, even if that does mean that I'm feeling the knitting itchies.

Last night, I didn't get to sit down and knit until 9:30.  I was tired, and really I probably shouldn't have been knitting because I could have made a mistake (and maybe I did and just don't know it yet), but I told myself 15 minutes would help.  I sat down, got my yarn out and things just went haywire.  The center pull pulled out a HUGE tangle of yarn and on the outside the a big loop of yarn had come loose and these two yarn ends got all tangled.  I almost put it away and said, "tomorrow I can deal with that" but my hands wouldn't let me. Once my fingers wrapped around those needles I had to knit.  And what a great excuse to keep knitting until the center pull yarn was all knitted up.  I'm hoping that after dinner tonight I'll get some good quality knitting time in.  I know that I will this weekend as the Olympics are starting and I've decided to participate in Ravellinics.  I'll be starting a shawl during the opening ceremonies on Friday.  I can't tell you how I've had to pull myself away from that yarn this week!

Today's picture is of a baby Lochi.  She used to love sleeping in my scrap basket.  I should have named her Scrappy or something.  She was so funny once because she saw me throwing away little strips of fabric.  Into the trashcan she hopped, grabbed the fabric and put it in the basket.  When she had all of it, she curled up and went to sleep, just like this.

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