Monday, June 25, 2012

Travel Prep

I spent the weekend prepping for my trip (which is in just 4 days!  4 days!!!).  This involves a lot of "what if" scenarios...what if

  • the plain is delayed
  • the trains are on strike
  • the weather stinks
  • I hurt my ankle
  • we get stuck somewhere en route (either or both directions!)
These what if scenarios can get a little crazy, and sometimes I start to worry that I might actually run out of things to do, so I start going overboard.  So far I've packed:  
  1. a shawl that I want to knit because the yarn is so beautiful (it's part of my Rockin' Socks get a skein of hand-dyed yarn and 2 patterns, one sock, one "other"...the "other" is clearly what this yarn is made for) that will be a challenge to knit so something to "think" about when I need it
  2. a gift I'm making for mom's birthday--a perfect "mindless knit"
  3. a pair of socks (from January's Rockin' Socks Club) that I've let sit for too many months--another thinker project
I have pulled out of the stash the yarn for Ernie's socks, a skein of yarn that spoke to me (it's gorgeous and merino and bamboo so will be unbelievable in a pair of socks), and another BRIGHT pink skein of yarn.  These three socks I intend to use as my "mindless" knitting when mom's project gets finished.

I could honestly sit and knit my entire vacation and still not get everything done.  My knitting bag is STUFFed, and I'm still thinking of "what else" do I need to bring.  I still think it might not be enough...I need to relax, but I fret.  

Silly silly me.  Maybe tomorrow I'll post a pic of all my gorgeous vacations yarns!  And think of all the things I'll be wearing (or someone else will be!) that can honestly be said to be made in Switzerland!

Today's picture is of the bees Aunt Betty sewed together out of the fabric I wove...remember that "giant project" that went on forever and ever and turned into a teenager?  Well, this is graduation day.  We're very proud parents!

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  1. My socks will have had a more interesting life than me!