Monday, July 23, 2012

What I Wish I Were Doing

...instead of being at work and avoiding the things I NEED to be doing, I wish I were at home knitting.  And weaving.  I don't usually feel such a strong pull to be elsewhere.  I pride myself on being where I am and making the most of the situation.

That would mean that today I would be excited about

  • completing payroll (generally I like getting the packet together because I know these kids need the money:  today, I so don't care), 
  • contacting my peer leaders about training next week (I'm excited about training, just don't want to call/text/e-mail all of them),  and
  • finishing up my career guide (I feel no impulse of creativity when it comes to the career guide).
I don't know what spurred my bad attitude, but I really think I should have gotten myself back in bed when I got out of it this morning, worked on sleeping for a better attitude, and then getting up.  If my attitude wasn't better then I just should have called in sick and dealt with it.  AH well...

I didn't, and I'll try to make the best of it, but it'll be a struggle.

The socks I brought with me to work today in case my lunch date fell through are whispering to me, not so quietly, and saying that I really should pack up and go home and work on them because THAT is what would make my attitude better.  I may have to put them out in my car! (and if you pay attention to the picture, you can see the other thing calling my name today--vacation--the Swiss mountains).

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