Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I read once that crafters are the most generous people out there--they will find an excuse to make something for someone.  They will stay up late to do so. And they will cause physical pain to ensure that they finish the project in time for a birthday or Christmas or whatever.  I know that I fit that bill.  I love making things for people and will spend all my time and money putting together gifts for people and hoping that they enjoy it in the end.  It's very gratifying to see someone enjoying the fruits of my labor.

And the stupid insecure part of me worries that they are just bluffing me and put whatever it is I've made them in the back of the closet so that they don't have to see it.  I have to smack that little part of me around every now and then.  Because I do think the work I do is pretty good, sometimes pretty awesome, and I know that the people I give things to truly enjoy them...

I think that the ultimate in generosity is giving away the very first thing you've made that you're very proud of. And most of the time that particular thing took a long time to make.  Giving it away is giving a part of yourself to that other person, and requires the ultimate in crafter-ly sacrifice.  Alyssa made that gift to someone last week at the quilt bee.  I could tell that it was hard for her to give away her masterpiece.  She sat that the quilt and peacefully quilted on it much longer than the rest of us.  She looked at it with satisfaction in her eyes and glowed when the rest of us praised her work (and no we didn't just say it to make her feel good...she did do an awesome job).  I could sense the enjoyment she gleaned from us having a great time adorning our dresses.  But at the end of the weekend, she had to draw a name and be happy for that person to take it home with her.  And I know that it was hard for her because not only did she have to part with it, but she likely won't see it again for a few years...

I know that Aunt Janice will treasure the 20th quilt from our quilting bee all the more for Alyssa's generosity. And here is Alyssa quilting with 3 of her aunts and her grandmother.  A lovely testament to the cross-generational love and camaraderie in my family.

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