Wednesday, January 29, 2014 didn't really snow was sleet, freezing rain, a little snow, and a lot of ice.  My driveway is one solid sheet right now.

While it looks pretty is really pretty awful to get out and about in.  We don't have proper de-icing anything in the south.  They throw sand on bridges and wait for people to fly off of them....then put more sand on and tell people to stay home.

Day 2 and I'm still knitting.  I'm at the point in the cowl where I can manage 3 rounds as long as no one is trying to talk to me, and then I get a little cranky.  I'm almost finished with my Bertie Bott's socks--second one...will post the pair tomorrow.  Fun, these are.  After I finish Bertie, I'm thinking another pair of socks need to be cast on.  I want all those "in progress" projects to be finished.  Somehow a skein of yarn that's been caked and is sitting in a bag waiting to be knitted counts as "in progress"...and more urgently so than the other projects that really are in various states of progress.

And if you're curious how I knit while sitting in my cold house on a cold icy day, here is my butts.

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