Thursday, January 9, 2014

Gift Knitting Continues

While everyone else in the on-line world seems to have finished up all their gift knitting and started knitting for themselves again, I can't seem to shake the gift knitting path I'm on.

I've decided to make a pillow for my Aunt Betty (surprise Aunt Betty) to go in her living room out of the lovely Berroco Comfort I have in my stash (see I'm still being good one week into the year...yea me!)

I WAS going to make her one from the Comfort Afghans book I bought...It was a star and so pretty...but decided against it after fighting with yarn ends and hating the way the intarsia looked...I haven't done it before and clearly wasn't getting something special that has to happen when doing intarsia in garter stitch.

So, that got ripped out and I'm now doing a log cabin in red and gold.  The back will be a mitered square.  It'll be pretty.  I'm thinking about doing some sort of attached i-cord to close it up.  That would be nice and tailored looking.  We shall see.  I'm HOPING to have this finished by next weekend so I can leave it after I visit...but here it is after 1.5 evenings of working on it:

I'm doing the "courthouse steps" version of the log cabin and will have 3 bars of yellow when I'm finished.  More to come!

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