Thursday, January 16, 2014

Glamour Shot

I worked very hard to get this photo...I tried very hard to get sweet Pearl to open her gorgeous green eyes and look at me when I took it, but she's learned oh-so-well that the camera makes this awful flashy thing and she will not look at it anymore.

I still think it's pretty funny that after 3 years of having this cat I still try to take pictures of her, she's all but invisible except on very bright colors...and her gorgeous green eyes, of course!

I did want to show you that the Noro blanket which got such a good showing on the blog is used very often.  Both kitties love it, and if I want one to come sit in my lap all I usually need to do is put the blanket on me and someone furry will jump over to the ottoman, curl up, snuggle their head somewhere near my feet and start to purr.

And it's cold, folks.  A blanket and a kitty are definitely needed to keep MY feet warm!

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  1. That is a sweet and cozy photo Leslie! Have a lovely weekend.