Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bertie Bott's socks

I finished these adorable socks yesterday afternoon.  Put them on, took their pics, then put on my other warm socks to save them for when I go to work next.  Aren't they just the most fun ever?

I like how you can see the bottom of the foot and understand how all the color pooling makes for great fun with hugely variegated socks like these.

For all you matchy matchy folks out there, avert your eyes.  Here the socks are laying on their soles to show off how the colors pooled differently on the showy side of the pair.

I like how the little blocks of colors form, then shift.  I wonder how they do that in the yarn...the little blocks, and especially the curves in the foot, reminded me of jelly beans and that just made these all the more perfect.

One more look with the socks on my feet.

Yarn:  Bertie Bott's by Gnome Acres.
Pattern:  Hickory by Jane Cochran in Knitter's Book of Socks.

(and yes, we're still at home, and yes, I'm still knitting, and yes, I started another pair of socks right away after finishing these, and yes, the cowl is making slow but steady progress)

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