Monday, July 29, 2013

TGWE #5: Completed

The Sweet Fern Mitts are gorgeous.  I love the way they look, love the way they fit, but man, the wool (Edelweiss by Schoeller and Stahl) is so itchy I can't wear it.

And that makes me very sad.

If anyone out there is interested in a pair of gorgeous mitts, please let me know.  You can have them for the cost of the wool:  $15 plus whatever it costs to ship them to you.  They fit a woman's hand and are very stretchy.  They will be extremely warm.

My thoughts about the wool, besides it being itchy.  It's a very dense spin that has created a very round yarn.  The stitch definitely, therefore, is gorgeous.  It's very lofty and the cables really pop, as you can see.  The ribbing that goes around the hand created a nice snug fit without and the knit wales are pronounced and very pretty.

What I found while knitting is that the yarn wants to knit up very tightly. I  had to keep reminding myself to knit looser so that I could easily get my needles into the stitches on the next round.  The cable, at times, could be difficult to completely twist.  The overall finished product, though, is a nice, dense fabric that will wear for a long time and be extremely warm.

I did enjoy working this pattern and will look for another yarn that I think will do the cables justice to make a pair of these mitts for myself.  I'm not sure if it is the extra amount of hay present in the yarn (I picked out what I saw) that was causing me problems, or if this wool has simply taken me beyond the limits of my comfort level.


  1. The mittens look great! It really is a shame about the itchy, scratchy. I have had this happen to me for both fingerless mitts as well as hats. Ah well, at least we enjoyed the knit itself right?

  2. I agree...I was very sad that I couldn't wear them, but I was dying to take them off within a few minutes of putting them on. I'm wondering if there is an issue with all the hay bits in the yarn. I'm very very allergic to hay. Also, I don't seem to have quite the same itchy issue will all wool yarn. Something to think about.