Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Busy day(s) (and a lot of promises of future pictures!)

I like being busy at's being bored or not having enough to do at work that makes me tired and irritated.

Being busy, even too busy, is so much better.  The days go by faster, I have a real sense of accomplishment, and at the end of the day I feel somehow more energized than not.

So, thank goodness I've had a couple of busy days at work, and the rest of the month looks like it'll stay busy, so hopefully (fingers crossed) I won't get cranky from not being busy enough.


I find it interesting that when I'm busy at work I'm also much more productive at home with my crafting.  I am working steadily on the baby sweater (Great Wool Experiment #4).  I'm not going to post pics of it until it's been given to the new parents, JIC they take a peek at the blog.  But trust me, after finishing the right front, I'm enamored.  Not enough to want a new baby, but to hope people around me start having babies so I can make them tiny little sweaters.

I'm using a yarn, in a lovely shade of orange and pink, from a company called Dream in Color.  They yarns are hand dyed and very beautiful.  The yarn I'm using is a sock-weight yarn, which you already know I love to work with, and so pretty that I'm hoping I have enough yarn leftover to make myself a pair of socks when I'm finished.  I love working with this yarn and can't wait for the gift to be sweet little baby girl will look when this set finally fits her.


The other projects I've been working on at home are my square a day blanket.  I'm 4 squares away from finishing row 5!  I'll have a picture of it then.  I'm also working on the Noro blanket that David bought for me.  I have a dark green square and a dark blue/purple square finished.  The next ball I chose is a lovely bright multi-color that's working up so interestingly.  The middle is a pinky-lavendar, the first round is different hues of bright green and the final round is (so far) bright pink and orange.  I can't wait to post a picture of this one, but it's not quite ready yet.


My picture today is of the cricket loom with the lovely mutli-colored scarf in it.  The yarn is from Unique Sheep and is a cotton and bamboo blend.  The drape on this yarn is worked up into a very light-weight and pretty scarf.  I love how the mutli-colors work across each other and end up looking like a crazy plaid.  I'll have a picture of it after it's been washed.  Behind the loom, if you look carefully, you'll see Pearl, my sweet kitty.  She's crazy about weaving and particularly likes the cricket loom (I think because it appears to be just about the right size for her).  All last weekend I had to battle with her about whether she could eat the yarn or the rigid heddle, or sit underneath the loom while I was working, or play with any thread that was hanging loose.  At this moment, she was sneaking up on me.

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