Thursday, July 11, 2013

Let's talk knitting projects

I'm still fairly new to knitting, and as a result, I am experimenting with what types of projects I like to knit, what yarn I prefer to knit with, what size of needles I like to work with, what kind of needle I like to work with (bamboo, metal, etc).

I'm curious about why some projects captivate me and I'll knit on them until my hands hurt and why others are such a chore.  A few things I've figured out:

  1. I dislike knitting scarves(despite knowing this I still start knitting scarves)
  2. But like knitting cowls 
  3. I like knitting blankets--all in one piece blankets or those knitted in blocks
  4. I LOVE knitting socks
  5. I am interested in knitting sweaters (but have only finished one)
  6. I love knitting monsters
  7. I think shawls are lovely and enjoy knitting them
  8. I also love knitting hats
I have discovered that I like pretty simple things to knit, but every now and again I do like a challenge.

I must have a variety of projects on the needles at one time, some super easy, some more challenging...some long term, some quick.

I love surrounding my place on the couch with different projects.  I switch back and forth every 30 minutes or so to give my hands a new way to grip and to give my brain something new to think about.


One gift that David gave me for 4th of July was a kit to make a "stained glass afghan."  The knitted squares are based on the log-cabin block of quilting legend.  The yarn used is Noro's Kureyon for the stained glass blocks and the borders will be a solid black wool from Cascade Yarns.

I'm totally hooked on knitting this project.  I've already finished 3 squares, have memorized how to knit it, and am finding it very enjoyable to work on.  I'm bringing it to work to knit on while I have a down moment or am thinking or during my lunch break. And for now it's perfect because the blocks are small enough to be portable and I don't have to pile the whole thing on my lap during the heat of the summer.  But when the blocks are all finished and I start assembling it, it'll be a blanket in my lap without being finished.  What a lovely idea!

I've already decided that the leftover yarn scraps and the 4 skeins of Kureyon yarn I already have in my stash will be put together to make a lovely rug for my bedside.  We'll see when that transpires.  Until then, I'm very much enjoying knitting these blocks.  I'll go ahead and show you all three that are completed to date:   Deep Blue Sea, Ireland,and Party, (these are my names, not the yarn names):

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