Monday, March 25, 2013

There's A New Me Coming and I'm Knitting for Her

I mentioned a couple of posts back that David and I started a doctor supervised weight loss program.  So far things are going smashingly.  We both feel great, have motivation to keep going and are seeing significant results already.

And it feels really good.  Yesterday, David created an excel spreadsheet so that we can put our weekly weights in.  On that spreadsheet, he put on milestones that we need to know we passed--like the weight I was at my last successful diet attempt (2006), and the weight I was when I went to the hospital to have babies, and the weight I was when I started college.  Those weights that mean something in the big picture.

And in talking about all of this, and feeling the weight starting to drop off, we realized that we're going to need clothes to get us through the phases.  While we don't need lots of them, we do need them because both of our jobs require us to be in front of people conducting meetings, etc., on a fairly regular basis.  Plus, we're putting so much time and effort into making this happen that we want to be sure to look as good as possible throughout the duration--and it'll be a while, we both have a lot of weight to lose.

Then I got in a new knitting magazine and saw three really cute sweaters that I like and then I looked in the back at the patterns and noticed that they only go up to L or XL and my initial reaction was "too bad" and then I remembered that someday soon I'm going to be a L or XL and that I could wear these sweaters that I want to make, so I rummaged through my stash and found  enough yarn in the right weights for 2 of the sweaters...the 3rd sweater is a total splurge, but that's ok. I bought that yarn (and it's complete luxury) and I have cast on 3 sweaters in the past week and have been knitting industrially on them's kind of like planning for a baby's arrival, only right now I'm planning on the arrival of a skinnier, healthier, more amazing me.

Sweater one's progress is pictured below.  It's a "twist front top" and I have no idea how I'm going to make the long strip of fabric I make twist around into a shirt that can be worn, but I'm going to trust it and go for it.  It's a blue cotton yarn called Solaris by S. Charles that will feel divine next to the skin.  I can't wait to see it finished (and to figure out how to actually put it together...if it works, I can see this being a pattern for using woven fabric as well!)

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