Monday, March 4, 2013


On Saturday, I finished 2 projects.  2!  Can you believe it?  Neither could I.

At this crazy time in my life having ANYthing completed was pretty amazing.  And it felt so darn good that I felt a huge amount of stress just vanish in the ether...just like that.  For no reason other than I completed something.

The first was a set of 5 towels that I made for David.  I'll put a picture of them up in a later post.  They are gorgeous, though, and pulling them out of our kitchen towel basket on Saturday night to dry my hands made me giggle a little.

The second is Courtney's monster, Mad Hatter, though I call her Mathilda the Hun.  MH (for both!) is a rather impish little lady who would NOT sit still waiting to be finished.  She got very upset with me when I stopped at just one arm, and she almost danced a jig when I put both of her legs on.  Her tail is her best feature, she thinks, though personally I think it's her orange wings.  That just somehow made her perfect in every way.  Complete. Whole. Intact.

I hope you love her.  I had to wait a few days to send her to Courtney because I'm going to miss her.  Never has a creation of mine come to life quite the way MH's been magical and fun. (I have to tell you MH is a little scared of traveling alone.  I don't know what else to do about it though!).

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