Sunday, March 17, 2013

End of Break

It's been a long stressful week.  I had to put my favorite kitty to sleep.  I have heard bad news about the health of my in-laws.  Our house renovations aren't going to be as extensive as we'd hoped because our income tax refund was pitiful.

Plus I had to go to two doctor visits.

I started a doctor supervised weight loss plan.

And yet, somehow, I'm ok.  I'm relaxed and not overly depressed about everything.  In fact, I woke up this morning feeling happy and dedicated the day to being positive and looking forward to things rather than dwelling on the negatives.

And at the end of a week off of work, I have managed to finish one sock, start another, work on another, start a sock blanket (doing a square a day), start a shawl, and start two sweaters (in smaller sizes...I'm knitting for my smaller self!).

Plus, I've woven a scarf, started one that I had to remove from the loom (as I mentioned in my last post) and started another.  In fact, today's picture is of the one I started.  It's a gorgeous alpaca and silk blend in blue and grey.  I will weave a "lace" pattern on it.  I think it has much gorgeous potential!

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