Friday, February 17, 2012

Sock Club--Purple

I've never done anything quite like a sock club before. I suppose that makes sense since I just learned to knit less than a year ago.  I did do a "block-of-the-month" quilt once, but I bought all the blocks at one time and pieced them in record fashion.  It's still one of my favorite quilts, but not at all the same thing.

So, in a sock club, I get a hank of yarn that is specially dyed FOR the sock club and a pattern for socks every other month.  There is also another pattern that is related, but not socks.  A few other gadgets to make any crafter happy, and some notes from the dyer and pattern designer.  It's fun, interesting, and a challenge.  Since I don't know much about knitting, every new pattern is a challenge right now, so if it's "hard" or if it's not hard, I am still learning something.

Thing #1 about this month's yarn.  It's VERY purple.  Pretty.  Definitely royal.  But VERY purple.  And it's dyed my knitting needles a nice shade of violet.  Which makes me worried about what it's going to do to my feet.

Thing #2 about this month's yarn.  It's spun very tightly and is quite different than other yarns I've worked with.  I like it quite a bit and imagine that the patterning stitches are going to stand out beautifully.

Thing #3 about this month's pattern.  I'm going to adjust it just a touch since I want the socks completely closed in on the back.

Thing #4 about this month's pattern.  I love the buttons that go up the back.  What a neat touch and just the thing I need to remember Grandma by.  I'm going to get buttons from her stash...I'm not even sure they'll all match.

Thing #5 about this month's experience.  From David last night, "How many different ways to you know how to put a sock together now."  Me:  "3.  This is my 3rd pair."

Thing #6:  There is NEVER enough time to get all my knitting done that I want. 

Here is my progress as of a couple of days ago.  Last night I finished the "sole flap" and turned the heel (which is always magic).  I really do love it!  The subtle color undulations are amazing.  Underneath the yarn ball you can see the pattern with what the heel looks like.  The ribbing is quite ingenious to a novice knitter like me.

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