Monday, February 27, 2012

Off to college

The secret project is now ready to go to college!  I'll put it in the mail in a few days so that my partner can work her magic on it and make it into something I probably won't recognize because it'll be so fabulous.  It's all very exciting.

I spent a very very busy weekend working on stuff for the quilt bee.  Only three months from now I have to have all this stuff ready for "presentation"...and I got in gear this weekend.  I worked almost exhaustingly on one project on Saturday and made huge progress.  It's not "the" secret project but another secret project.  Then  I worked with Alyssa on the quilt on Sunday.  I'm very proud of the progress she's made.  I think when everyone sees her quilt, they won't believe it's her first quilt.  She's done an amazing job.  I predict that everyone is going to want to open up the drawing because they are ALL going to want it.

Do you have something to say about that Auntie J?

I think it's wonderful how we all get excited about the quilt bee.  Though it's only a weekend's worth of actual time, I think we spend the entire year plotting, planning, and making things for the bee.  It's really wonderful, and I can hardly wait to show up with all my goodies.  I may need to look into whether the Murano has towing capability...

Today's picture is a shot of the back of the warp of the secret project.  You can see the warp thread that I had to grab from the edge to correct the broken thread about an inch and a half away.  It was just one in a long list of troubles this project gave me!

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