Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Feline Helpers

I have some very serious feline helpers when it comes to crafting.  Cats, of course, love yarn and thread of any kind.  Mine are each partial to different crafts, interestingly what I was doing most of when they were kittens. 

Lochi loves quilting.  She was my little scrap helper (actually taking all the material that I threw away and moving it to my fabric basket since I'd clearly made a mistake). 

Pearl is my weaving helper. She has never had a fear of the loom and lays right up next to it when I'm weaving.  Treadles tromp very close to her and she never flinches (and for a cat who is scared of noises and sudden movements, I find this very surprising).  I often find her curled up in a basket loving some yarn. 

Finally, Zora enjoys "helping" me knit.  Her favorite thing seems to be to either try to catch and rip the needles out or grab the yarn and take off with it.  She is terrified of the loom if I'm actually weaving, but when I'm not, she acts tough and rubs all over it and sits next to it.

I love having my kitties help me with my crafts. I  often pick out little cat hairs from my cross stitching and wish that weren't the case, but it is what it is.   And sometimes, as in the picture above, they'll catch me off guard and show me how beautiful they are and I can't help but snap a picture of them helping me out.  In this case, Pearl is cheering me along to finishing the secret project. (which, btw, I have about an hour left!)

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