Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Little Bits of Time

I am one of those staunch believers that you need to fill every moment doing something.  Little bits of time add up and if you are busy then you have accomplished something.  It may not be much, but it's something.  That's why I dislike my drive so much.  There are 45 minutes wasted (each way) because I have to spend my time concentrating on the road and other drivers to make sure that I get to work in one piece.

This year, in an effort to work on my stress management, I decided that I needed to fill the minutes in my lunch hour that are not spent eating with knitting.  I like knitting.  I want an afghan one day.  So, knitting for 30 minutes or so each day will get me somewhere.  And since I've developed an obsession with sock knitting, I'll have a lot of odds and ends of sock yarn after I've knitted a I should definitely put that yarn to good use as an afghan.  Above are the completed first square and the work in progress second square.  I have a LOT of this yarn left so will get 5 or 6 squares out of it, probably.  But isn't it lovely.  It reminds me of zinnias and the rich color transitions from the center of the petal outwards. 

In one month of 20-30 minutes of knitting I've begun a square, ripped it out, and begun again with a simpler square and here I have 1.2 squares knitted.  Kind of cool. I think I can probably crank out 2 squares a month at this pace.  It'll be a lot of months adding up to getting an afghan, but I'm young and I have a lot of months of lunches left to knit.

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