Monday, February 13, 2012


Seeing that Valentine's Day IS tomorrow and seeing that RED is my favorite color and a bunch of other things that have happened recently I thought I'd post about the color red.

I just love it.  It's so pretty and happy and "pops" wherever it is, no matter who is sitting next to it.  It looks great on women's lips, in their hair, and on their cheeks.  I believe everyone should have one red room in their house (or at minimum a red wall).  And that spending some time with the color red in a crafting project is, well, just about the most perfect way to spend your time ever.

I am often shocked at how few red clothes I have in my closet.  I buy lots of blues and blacks and a few reds.  But sometimes when I'm in the mood I want to wear red for several days in a row, and I can't swing it because I don't have enough.  It's clear that clothing manufacturers should make more red clothes.  Nothing spiffs up a day like a red cami.

Likewise, I shock myself at how few things I've actually woven or knitted in the color red.  I clearly need to work on that.

But the thing that most recently put me on my red kick was missing Grandma.  At the end of the first week of every month I miss her.  I just have a few "black" days on the 7-9 of the month and have been doing so since July.  And the weird thing is that I don't think I'm going to have it until it hits me and I cry on my way to work and I'm sad and then I get myself in my comfortable red place and I start to cheer up.

Because, see, red was Grandma's color.  She was a beautiful natural red head and while I never saw her wear very many red clothes, she did wear a pretty red scarf and sweater a lot of the time when I was growing up.  I also remember her having a red and white checked table cloth.    She was a fan of fashion and flowers and always loved a pretty red rose.  She even smelled like red roses (her lotion, Jergens).

So, I called David last Wednesday and told him I was missing Grandma and he bought me these lovely red roses because he knows they help me miss her a little easier and in the mail that very same day arrived these lovely red shoes (and EVERYone needs a pretty pair of red shoes).  I was going to wear them to our Valentine's dinner on Saturday but the heels are rather high and I haven't quite gotten into the knack of wearing them easily...not to mention it was really cold on Saturday and no dress or skirt was going to make that tolerable.

So, while I still miss Grandma every day and the missing is more acute on the 7-9th, I take comfort in my favorite color that makes me think of her so much and get through.

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