Friday, February 6, 2015

In which a lesson is learned...

Yesterday was one of those really good days.  Good therapy session, good shopping, good weaving, good knitting, and a really good time with my knitting group eating good sweet potato fries and drinking some really yummy root beer.

So, we meet in a sort of pub/bar (as far as we have those in the states) and sat in the middle of the room and knitted and talked and ate and drank and it was so much fun.  I laughed and enjoyed the conversation.  Contributed my part when it was time and just listened when it was time.  We came and went as we were able, but I was there for most of it (I've been known to close down many a bar and the fact that I work the early shift is probably the ONLY reason I didn't close down last night! ha!).

Anyway, the lesson.  A cute guy walked into the bar, we checked each other out, and then he went to sit down at the bar and have his drink and supper and I continued talking and enjoying time with my friends.

About an hour or so later he left, and the girl sitting next to me hugged me and said, "that biker dude was totally checking you out all night." and then everyone else at the table said, "yeah, he was"...and I had absolutely no clue.  I mean I saw it when he walked in but after that NO CLUE.

And then I said, "whatever did I do?" and Jenn replied "uh, nothing."

And that's when it hit me, the lesson...I was just me.  All night.  Seriously me.  Laughing and carrying on and really being pretty goofy and a total stranger couldn't keep his eyes off of me.  I wasn't dressed up, and honestly my hair was quite a mess, and I was knitting in a bar with other girls (and a guy) who were also knitting in a bar...

I don't have a clue who the cute biker dude was or if I'll ever see him again, but he so completely made my day by appreciating me for me from across the bar and doing so in an obvious enough way that my friends could see and tell me because let me tell you...that's a lesson I needed to learn and boy did it make me feel like a million bucks!


We're under a "High Wind Alert" here today (and they don't joke about that) and the clouds are amazing.  Happy Friday everyone...I start my week again tomorrow, but today is just me and some more weaving and knitting and movies and kitties and later some Thai food with my friends.


  1. what a great gift he gave you ...even if you never see him again!! YOU are wonderful as you are

  2. I'm right there with Kathy B. Just confirms you're fantastic being you.