Sunday, February 22, 2015

Feeling Groovy, Sock 1

I finished the first of the socks last night.  I love it...sort of.  The pattern is "ok"...not bad...definitely turned out fun, but I just don't know how I feel about slip stitches on socks.  We'll see how they wear before I give a final verdict.

I'm desperate to finish them, less because I want them done and more because I WANT TO START THE NEXT PAIR.  Cookie A a gorgeous peach colored Anzula Squishy.  A luxury for my feet, let me tell you!

Not to mention the blast I'll have in the knitting of it.

News:  Biker dude showed back up at knitting group last week.  He continued to be amazed by me, but didn't speak.  I'm kind of terrified of the whole "talking to a guy" thing so not sure what, if anything, I could do at this moment...though I do have to say I'm curious.

I had color themed carts today at work.  Not all one color all day, but each cart was one color.  It's always interesting in JBW world.


Also I'm writing.  Which is why I'm here less. Some pretty powerful and amazing things have come through my fingers.  It feels good to get it down.  I know it's not "the thing" that will be whatever it is that I'm doing--(i.e. this is prewriting in its most primal form) but boy is it valuable to me.

I'll share one of the bits.  I don't know what to call these things that I'm writing.  It isn't poetry, and I'm not sure it's connected other than it's my thoughts, but it's there and it's been very healing for me and I do want to share some of this with the world:

In the beginning there was calm.

Calmness that let me think and breathe and see.
 Calmness that allowed me to stop and realize my worth
 Calmness that gave me the strength to do the things I needed to do to move forward.
 Calmness that prepared me to be loved.
 Calmness that allowed me to truly love others.
 Calmness that defeated anxiety.
 Calmness that reached out to others.
Calmness that gave others the strength to breathe, see, realize, do, love.


  1. hmmm Biker Dude.....does he knit

    1. I dunno Kathy, but if this keeps up, I wouldn't be surprised if he gives it a try ;)

  2. I know how you feel Leslie, I start to get excited for the next cast on as I get closer to casting off another project ... even if I have something else still on the needles that needs some attention.