Friday, July 11, 2014

I'm back!

Well...I've been back for several days, but you wouldn't believe what happened...when I got home all exhausted and tired and so jet lagged I couldn't sleep, I decided to get on line and e-mail David and maybe play a game of bingo or two...only to discover that the internet was down.

It was July 3rd.

They couldn't come out to fix it until yesterday.

That means that for one entire week I didn't have WiFi, Internet, or anything.  I could check my e-mail on my phone, but how I hate communicating on that tiny little thing.  I need buttons to push, a screen to enlarge, text big enough to see.

In the meantime I've been crocheting an afghan for the new me, coloring some pretty awesome sheets from the My Secret Garden coloring book I picked up, shopping, and CLEANING HOUSE.  I've gone through closets, thrown away clothes, and done some serious deep cleaning.  I'm surprised at how little dust there was and how much cat hair was all over the house.

David comes home on Monday.  I'm looking forward to that.

Until Monday, though, I'm going to leave you with this adorable picture of my lap mate:


  1. Adorable indeed! I am with you, some things I just prefer to have the whole computer (large/reg size interface) to work with. Sounds like your mighty productive, though! Welcome back home and ... to the internet ;)