Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fashion, high rise, and quiet

Well..today I think I met my noise limit.  I went to the Fashion and Textile Museum and saw some gorgeous rebozos (and fun pix of Frida Khalo) and then, because it was right next door, I rode the  elevator to the top of The Shard for a wonderful view and fun.  I saw a couple get engaged...the girl was crying...it was sweet.  

Then after it was all over I realized I didn't want to bump into one more person or hear one more car or feel one more train, so I came back to my room where I've been totally low key all afternoon, and. Ow evening.  

Tomorrow is a second visit to Kew Garden...and then this lovely vacation will be in the history books, and I get to start living my dream of being a textile artist!


  1. I know that feeling..you just want to shower and nap!!

  2. I'm not surprised at everything you have been doing and absorbing that you would want a little quiet alone time. What a cool looking view!