Thursday, March 20, 2014


I think we're all in a frenzy of anticipation around here.  Spring is here today and that means sunshine, warmer weather, beautiful flowers, trees budding and all the other happy things that go along with spring.

And this week we've had lovely spring weather (though I made the mistake of looking ahead at the 10 day forecast and next week doesn't look as sweet.  Sad, that).

But, you wanna know what I'm anticipating?

YARN CLUBS!  It's almost time.  I mean, like really, almost time!

  • Dragonfly Fibers should be shipping sometime next week.
  • Vesper always comes out at the end of the month (at least I get something every month with them).
  • Cookie A ships at the beginning of the month...that's 10 days from now
  • and Rockin Sock ships at the end of the sometime next week?  Maybe the week after?
And I'm ready, y'all.  Ready Freddy, to see what my next month's yarn will be, what I can start making (I'm super excited about Cookie A after last month's socks)

So, yeah, I'm anticipating a real spring, not just the date on the calendar, but more than that, I'm hankering for some new yarn...I feel like I'm just "filling time" until the next wave of lovelies come my way.


I'll give you a hint at the bath mat project I'm working on.  This is the smaller mat when it was in progress. I just made a "magic ball" of a bunch of different colors and knitting that together with the natural "Sugar N Cream."  It's a wonderfully absorbent rug and looks super-cute.  Plus it's the perfect size for that tiny space in front of David's shower...and the kitties think it's the BOMB.  We can't keep it straight now matter how hard we try.

You want to know how I made this?  I'm calling it one of my "just knit it" projects: 
1.  I pulled out a length of yarn and cast on until I was out of my "long tail."
2.  I knitted until it looked to be the right size, measured it in the space, knitted some more, then measured, knitted some more (my visual of what was the actual space was much smaller! ha!)
3.  Then when it was just about right, I knitted another couple of inches to accommodate shrinkage, bound off, washed it and started using it.

I'm curious to how it'll stand up to daily use, but I think it'll be just fine.  Oh, and the thing you can't see in this picture is that I just tied the new ends together and left the ends hanging like little bits of fringe.  It's such a nice touch of whimsy!

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