Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday after Turkey Day Hangover

Boy, were things slow-going this morning.  I hope everyone had a terrific holiday and didn't eat too much and enjoyed time with family and friends.

I know I did.

I also spent a LOT of time in the car and did a LOT of knitting.  I finished this pair of socks.  They are the Across the Universe color way from Vesper yarn and are beautiful and wonderful and very comfortable.

And then I finished a hat for my Daddy.  Unfortunately I never took a picture of him wearing it like I planned.  It was the second hat I got out of a single skein of sock yarn.  Zuaberball Crazy by Schoppel Wolle is awesome!

Then I knitted on some dish cloths.  The reckoning when I got home showed 4 finished ones and a 5th started.  They are all washed and ready to pack up for office gifts and a few others.

Finally I started another pair of socks in the Fire and Ice colorway by Vesper.  I'm ALMOST finished with the first one.  Got a lot of knitting done on it after I got home on Saturday while watching football.  Those will, hands down, be my favorite socks ever. (until I make my new favorite socks, that is!)

I'm also happy to report that David and I did very well on our diet during our travels.  I expect to show a loss of a couple of pounds over the 2 weeks since I last weighed...he'll probably be about the same.

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