Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Spirit

I knitted up some pretty glitter headbands for the girls.  They work at a movie theater and I thought it would be fun for them to wear something festive.  I used Yarn Bee's Glitter Eye Lash yarn, cast on 10 stitches and knit.  When I was about 8 inches into it I decreased 1 stitch on each side for 2 rows and finished knitting the needed length with 6 stitches.  Then I bound off and sewed in.

One fun thing...weaving in the end is a breeze because you couldn't see it if you had to!

Finished product in less than an hour and way way fun.

The kitties thought so, too, last night.  I found this this morning.  I told A&E that they'd better come get them ASAP!

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