Monday, December 9, 2013

A Blur

This weekend was kind of a was most of last week.  Not because I did so much, really, but because I don't remember doing most of it!

Kind of like this:

This was one of the "action shots" I got of Pearl when she was acting crazy last night.  It was taken with my new phone (a blue iPhone 5C that I got on Sunday :) )

David and I took a picture before heading out to our friend's Christmas party on Saturday.  While not blurry, it was interesting not being recognized by people who know us.

I wore the hat all night...partially because my hair was out of control and partially because it's all sparkly and festive and perfect for a Christmas party.

Last night the girls came over and we had chili for supper (yum) and played a game called Fortune Street.  I worked on glitter yarn headbands for them.  By the end of the night my eyes were definitely blurry.  (it was particularly sad when I accidentally dropped 2 stitches when I was really close to being finished with the red one, and darn if I couldn't find them.  Had to rip all the way out...but at least it was a quick knit!).

Oh, and I finished Mom's Christmas present.  Daddy's is done.  Sam and Marilyn's are done.  Elizabeth's was finished a long time ago, the office people's are I just have to finish Alyssa's, START David's...and then finish those Fire and Ice socks for me because that's all I really want to work on...

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  1. Sounds busy indeed, but fun and productive! I hate those tired/late night knitting mistakes. I'm glad it was a quick knit to fix!