Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fire and Ice!

I'm in love.  Plain and simple.  Isn't it gorgeousness in sock form?

I can't wait to start its mate tonight.  After this, it's all holiday knitting until the holidays are over.  I'm on a pretty tight deadline with the parents' and in laws' stuff because I need to get that to them (or in the mail) fairly soon...

I am happy to report that I have a nice fat stack of dish cloths knitted up.  They have been great therapy but apparently I've moved on to socks now...the kind without any patterning on them, but something different.

 I'm in love with the yarn I got for my birthday and with my birthday money.  It's all such happiness I hardly know where to start!

OH!  Finish Fire and Ice (then it's Bertie Bots by GnomeAcres).


  1. You have been a knitting monster! A lovely pair of socks indeed! I will return to socks this weekend, I swears it!

  2. Thanks, Ellen. I love that sock and NEED to finish (start! ha!) its mate!