Friday, August 3, 2012

Ravellincs Day 7, Purple Socks

I honestly don't have much to say today.  I stayed up late last night watching Gabby win the gold medal, then watching Michael win the gold medal, the getting sucked into the story behind these gold medals, and before I knew it it was 11:30 and I have to get up at 6 to get ready to go to work...for a very very busy day.

I was quite foolish.

But I did make some wonderful progress on the purple sock...the WIP entry into the Ravellenics.  I honestly worried about getting back into the project and remembering where I was and making sense of things, but I am now in my rhythm and everything feels comfortable again and I can't wait to wear these socks to work.  I know my feet will be purple by the end of the day because my needles are purple, but I don't know that I care.  They make me happy.

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