Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ravellenics Days 9, 10 & 11

Time marches on...things happen...busy-ness...fun...weddings...work...

It's been a crazy three days, but I'm still making progress on my purple socks.  The first one is finished and I started working on the sole flap of the second.  It's a perfect fit, lovely, wonderful.  I can't wait to wear these to work...I need some shoes that will allow me to show them off!


(excuse to go shoe shopping... in case you didn't get that)

I've thoroughly enjoyed "competing" in the Ravellenics.  It's been an awesome way to watch the Olympics, see some sports that I wouldn't ordinarily watch and get some major knitting progress done.  Some things I've learned while watching the Olympics and knitting:

  • the human body can do some amazing things, whether it's running/swimming fast, performing feats of acrobatics, or persevering beyond imagination...it's amazing
  • it's inspiring to see the hard work and dedication of these athletes...to see them achieve their dreams and compete at this level is wonderful
  • while I would never pretend that knitting is anything like the amazing athleticism displayed during the Olympics, I can apply some lessons like hard work, dedication, setting high goals, etc., to make myself a better knitter (and crafter in general)
  • it has been nice during this extremely busy and stressful time at work to have an excuse to sit on the couch and knit
  • watching the Olympics every night for 17 days takes a level of dedication and perseverance all its own.
On another note:  on Saturday at the wedding, someone came up to me to tell me how lovely the shawl was. Her husband came up at that time and told me that that was a serious compliment because she was a very good knitter.  Nice to hear!  Made me feel very proud.

Today's picture is of Ernie's socks right when I finished them (10 minutes before I left to go see him!).  He loved them and showed them off to everyone at the salon, so I know they were a hit!

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