Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Thoughts on Hellsinki

Hellsinki is a lovely city.  We walked around and saw some churches, shopping districts, parks, and lots of water.  Because Hellsinki is made up of several hundred islands, there are bridges and waterways everywhere.

I have to say that the city didn't wow me like the others that we visited though.  It felt kind of "flat" though I don't really mean that.  It just wasn't as "wow" as the others and our local tour guide was "eh"...

That said, I did have a lovely time in Hellsinki but I don't see much need to return.

Though seeing the ice breaker boats was enough to make me realize that I'm not hardy enough to live there :)

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  1. Coming from your warm warm area of the USA, ice breaker boats would be awful! Even I wouldn't like them! Brrrrr. Good to hear an honest review and every single city doesnt wow everyone!