Monday, June 8, 2015

Home again

This beautiful sunset welcomed me home last night.  I slept, I woke up, went grocery shopping, and then went to pick up the kitties who are so very happy to be home.

Report is that the kitties did well...though Zora is a bit of a "snob" Sheila says.  Anyway, they did fine, ate and did all their business and got out of their cage when it was their turn.  Pearl was lovey dovey (no surprise there).  I'm very happy to have found the boarding place...They'll be staying again at the end of July when I go on a driving trip to Texas to get my things.

When I left Reno it was chilly--50s raining.  I spent 2 weeks in chilly, sunny weather...and came 80s!  Sunshine!  Gorgeous clouds in the sky.

Work resumes tomorrow and with it, hopefully, a more normal schedule.  I'll have a few more thoughts on my travels.  It truly was an amazing trip and I'm so glad that I took it.


  1. Happy homecoming. Glad you loved your trip. Glad your cats enjoyed the cat boarder

  2. Lovely colors in the sky. Welcome home. I'm glad the trip was good. I'm intrigued by your "stuff" in Texas. Will have to read more. Hope your re-entry is good :)