Friday, November 22, 2013

Now, this is MY kind of birthday cake!

I've been having a conversation with Mary over at Hugs about the fact that I'm not eating birthday cake this year.  I celebrate my birthday on Sunday...and I'm not eating cake...and I'm so good with that.  I'm not feeling deprived or that I'm missing out or anything.

And I'm 100% serious about that.

This won't be my first attempt at having a birthday with no cake, but it will be my first birthday without cake where I'm ok with it.

I mean, really.  I've lost almost 90 pounds...and even I look at myself and think "hmmm...girl, you're looking good."  I never think I look good even when I looked good.

And for me, that's far beyond the momentary pleasure that a piece of cake today at my office birthday party, a piece tonight at my birthday party with my friends, and a piece on Sunday--the real birthday...not to mention the cake that would likely be there at Thanksgiving because we need to celebrate the special day with everyone there too.

That's at least 4 pieces of cake that I'm not eating, but I'll tell you that given the opportunity I would have eaten much more than that.

So, in celebration of not EATING birthday cake, I wound up the yarn that I'm taking on my week long trip into yarn cakes...and that is MY kind of birthday cake.

This is Fire and Ice by Vesper and is the most gorgeous red, turquoise and teal striped yarn that I've ever seen.  I'm actually motivated to knit something besides a dish cloth on this trip...these will be going on my needles as soon as I'm finished with the ones that are currently on my needles (that's Across the Universe by Vesper).

And this one is Son of Spooktober, which is the October club yarn from Vesper.  It's just crazy fun with all those bright colors--with grey and black thrown in there too.

and finally, these are the 7 skeins of yarn that David picked up for my birthday from the Springtree Road yarn close-out.  I was so sad when she sent out a FB post saying that she was putting everything on Etsy and focusing her attentions on another craft...I love her yarn and just recently discovered it, and have only made one pair of socks from them, and they are my favorites hands down.  So, to now have 6 skeins of sock yarn and one skein of DK...oh my.  And they are all so incredibly beautiful that I intend to use up every single inch of them in making socks.  I figure after I get the first solid pairs, I'll have stripes.

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  1. Happy Birthday! I love those yarn cakes and I say it's your birthday, you celebrate, however you bloody choose. Fire & Ice are we talking GOT yarn?? Look forward to seeing your yarn turn into knitting. :)