Wednesday, May 13, 2015

So...what do I do when I go missing?

I was kind of shocked to get on here and realize that the last time I wrote was LAST Tuesday!

I miss you guys, truly I do.  I have so many things to talk about and share...and I don't know how I let time slip away from me.

So, I thought today I'd tell you what I'm doing instead of blogging.

  • knitting and lots of it--I have to get ready for my trip and that means planning all the trip knitting! 
  • thinking about my trip
  • going out with friends
  • cooking food and cleaning my kitchen
  • shopping for my trip
  • looking for a new apartment
  • thinking of new and exciting and awesome things to do at work (have I mentioned lately how happy I am to be working in a place that encourages and praises creative endeavors)
  • thinking--about a lot of things but mostly about how happy I am that I've made a life for myself
  • wondering--about a lot of things but mostly about how blind I was to how unhappy I was
  • taking stock--of all the things around me: life, friends, hobbies, clothes, beautiful scenery
  • watching murder mysteries while knitting (oh, I mentioned knitting already didn't I???)
I've been a bit pensive and anxious too.  I'm starting to take risks...put myself out there, so to speak...but my creativity is sparking back.  I'm coming up with fun things to do--at work and at home.  I'm looking at life from my creative lens and I'm really getting excited about what can happen and what I can do...and it's fun and scary at the same time.

...And I realized on the way to work yesterday that one thing that I've been holding back from --dating--ain't going to be easy no matter how "ready" I think I am or am not.  It's one of those things that I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and do at some point....

But not just yet.  I'm not quite ready.  I want to but I'm not up for the risk. I'm interested but I'm also scared.  I also realize that I've bitten that bullet a bunch of times over the past few months and am honestly ready for a break.  I want to coast for a little while. No pressure (from within or without), living without fear, being happy.

I can deal with that.


Today's picture is of Zora in her new bed.  The place where I'm boarding the kitties while I'm on my trip encourages you to bring a bed, so I got one for them today.  She took right to fact I may never see her out of it except when food is proffered.


  1. Good to hear from you. What a pretty kitty beD!

  2. Zora looks adorable in her bed. I hope you have a wonderful trip. It sounds like you are following your instincts and that is good. You know where you want to be right now, and it really seems like you are enjoying yourself. Not just where you are, but yourself and I think that's really something special, no matter who you are or with or without. People in general (ahem me) can struggle with this. I tend to get caught up in the "have to" or what "I should do".

    All the best!