Thursday, November 13, 2014

Play along with me please...

Y'all remember those fun Mad Libs from when you were kids?  I loved them, even used them when teaching grammar (yes, in college).  And now?  I got something in my yarn order this week...and I'm going "live" with my Mad Lib...let's see what fun we can have today, OK?

In the comments, give me words that fit the following categories and I'll share on my blog next week.

Plural form of a garment


I'm sharing this picture with you primarily because I want you to see the Knitters Pride Marblez needle set I bought myself after returning from Mississippi.  I wasn't sure how I'd feel about acrylic needles, but they were so pretty and I wanted to play with them so badly...and eventually they opened up a box in retail and I got to play and I I bought.

They're super light weight.  The cords that come with them have the typical Knitter's Pride join, but the cords themselves are more flexible than others I have from KP.  Also, they are grabby enough that I could work with silk but not too grabby to damage the fibers.  The points are more blunt than the Dreamz or Karbonz but more pointy than Addi turbo...really a pretty good pointy-ness.

I love the needle packaging too.  How beautiful, and perfect for me seeing how much the sun set and sun rise and the mountains all around have meant to me lately.

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