Friday, October 4, 2013

Home Alone

I like being alone.  I like being able to stop and think and talk to myself (yes, out loud).  I like (sort of) simple meals, simple clean-up and unhurried "getting things done."

I like being able to watch what I want on tv.

I like not being interrupted 300 times...

But I do miss having someone to talk to, to give me hugs and tell me things are going to be tell me that it's ok if I'm tired and weary, that they'll take care of things.

I guess I miss being pampered a bit :)

After a few days I really enjoy having all my people back around, but for now, I'm reveling in being alone, being able to do what I need and just relaxing and being quiet.  My mind clearly has needed time to process and think through everything.

My hands have needed to knit.

Clearly, last night, I needed to sleep.  I slept almost straight through the night.  That's something for me.

Today's picture is of the baby ensemble I finished up a while ago.  I loved working on this project and kind of wish there were more babies around me to knit for.  Tiny projects knit up quickly and then they're just so darn cute!  The booties were my favorite, though the sweater is pretty sweet...and of course that little cap.  This was all knit with one skein of Dream in Color Smooshy yarn.  The color is called Flamingo Pie.  If you've never tried it, Smooshy is lives up to its name, the colors are gorgeous, and the feel of the yarn is so soft.  The hardest part is taking the skein and winding it into a ball because you just want to sit and "smoosh" on it.  I had a tiny tiny bit left of the one skein, and then a whole other skein (because the pattern said I'd need two)...guess who will have some Flamingo Pie socks someday???

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