Thursday, October 2, 2014

Shop Knits

One of the cool things about working in a yarn store is that you get to do shop knits.  I'm making the St. Stephens Hat using Classic Elite's Fresco yarn.  I've used Fresco before and knew I'd love it and I wanted the challenge of actually doing stripes without the big jogs.  I managed pretty well with this one:

There are actually 2 patterns with this pattern.  The one I've finished and the one I'm working on.  The one I'm working on is colorwork.  The pattern says that you can get 4 hats out of the five balls of yarn you buy.  I'm going to get the two, let the shop show them off for a while, and then when winter has set in really cold and strong, I'll have two yummy alpaca, silk and angora hats to wear.  Life could be worse...

And speaking of needing to wear hats...y'all remember that I haven't lived any place really cold in a long time, right?  I mean Kentucky was really cold, right?  I'm told that it gets cold here...and I know my wardrobe isn't ready for it.  I don't think I am either, but I'll just have to chug ahead and make more hats!

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  1. Gorgeous hat! You are adding great! you'll need those hats!