Wednesday, April 2, 2014

All I need is a toe!

...and another sock, but the toe is all that's left of this puppy.  Isn't it turning out pretty?

I really love how hand-dyed yarns look so different when knitted in different stitch counts.  If you go back a few days and look at the first attempt at the spring sock KAL, I was making a sock with 72 stitches...the stripes were super-fat.  And on this sock they are so much skinnier.

I love how at the ankle and gusset area where you get all the extra stitches, the pooling creates a swirl.  It's fun, and sweet, and unique.

And each sock is, therefore, different, which I think is really truly fun.

Pattern:  Elm by Cookie A in Knitters Book of Socks
Yarn:  Solemate by Lorna's Laces in colorway Circus (I believe...hard to read the band).

Preview:  Yarn clubs are in the mail or will be soon.  I so excited to go home each day and have been disappointed when I'm not seeing any new bags on the porch!  Today maybe...

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